iVantage Group provides an experienced and enthusiastic approach that enables us to discover the "right" talent through a specialized hiring process that ignites our client's capacity to prosper.


  • Simple, straightforward communication
  • Saying what needs to be said
  • The hard part is not just being honest with others, but rather to be honest with oneself
  • Constantly ask: Do I really believe in it?

Positive Attitude

  • Possessing an energy and a consciousness of the people around you
  • Believing in yourself and your abilities
  • Be a solution finder
  • Have fun and take time to play

Grow or Die

  • Deciding every day that you want it more than anything
  • Constantly look for alternatives and solutions
  • More uncomfortable with Status Quo than the prospect of change
  • Seek constructive feedback and is quick to internalize change
  • Have a burning for achievement


  • Always exceed client expectations
  • Go beyond your intention into action, every day
  • Support others around you
  • Fulfill your promises

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