The hallmark of the iVantage Group is excellence in the customer service experience. iVantage and the clients who utilize our proven approach are creating repetitive successes that lead to partnerships for the future built upon reliable responsive support.

Whether supporting a candidate seeking new opportunity or supporting a critical path sourcing initiative for a client, iVantage is committed to delivering responsive, professional, and urgent service every day. We function as an extension of client teams and operate always in the best interest of the client.

iVantage understands that Human Capital is the most powerful economic force at work in our global markets today. We seek to identify the best talent force available within the disciplines that span across the client organizations. We believe that “innovation” creates leadership. Our commitment to Responsive Support is demonstrated through the innovation of our proven approach: the heart of our customer service commitment.

Finally, we know that Supply and Demand continues to be the basic economic factors in all markets. Therefore, iVantage Group positions itself where demand is the greatest, responding in a way that benefits the demand of its clients first.

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