At iVantage, we believe in investing in people. We provide each internal employee with advanced tools and a work environment that fosters success. This hands-on approach has allowed our organization to stay connected 24/7 to each candidate and client we serve. iVantage Group builds cohesive delivery teams to support all of our major clients (ex: we have a team of recruiters who only work on specific healthcare requirements).  

iVantage Group differs from other recruitment companies in the value we are able to provide our clients. We take the time to understand what our clients do and why they do it, building a relationship with them to the point that we understand what they need beyond skill sets.  

Our proven approach to talent acquisition reduces the time-to-fill and cost-per-hire for our clients. The iVantage recruitment team works faster and stronger than our competitors to find candidates from all walks of life who have to drive to succeed beyond the ordinary.

We “Process Mapped” our entire delivery and on-boarding process to ensure that our own employees are dependable, hard-working professionals dedicated to overcoming obstacles toward providing quality solutions for our clients. Our organization is proactive, not reactive, to the growing needs of our client base. iVantage is an industry leader outpacing traditional common recruiting practices. Combining active search strategies with focused passive recruiting, clients realize a greater reach across the talent marketplace with greater diversity.  

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