The iVantage Group recognizes that our ideal customer is a client that is focused on delivering the value of their products & services while they entrust to us, in a reciprocating way, to focus on what we do best — delivering talent search solutions more effectively than most traditional recruiting organizations.

The innovation of iVantage's talent acquisition process is in its execution and integration, which impacts quality delivery. Through upfront commitment and investment of time on the part of the client coupled with an assigned iVantage Account Manager, our proven approach creates focus which directs the action plan that drives the execution. Minimizing back-end delays is the intent of our talent acquisition process, utilizing embedded efficiency tools that improve deployment on the back-end. 

Through the use of technology, critical data is retained about client demands and talent supply. iVantage's talent acquisition process uses efficiency tools to effectively gather the information needed to filter through a centralized comprehensive repository producing ongoing assessment that matches talent demand with supply. The addition of passive sourcing strategies broadens the reach of the talent pool delivering not only an improved deployment schedule but an expanded breadth of candidate options. 

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