The Quick Client Profile (QCP) and the Quick Talent Profile (QTP) are complementary, but separate and distinct processes that gather pertinent data necessary for maximizing the potential for success on each Talent Acquisition initiative. QCPs and QTPs are dynamic structured methodologies that can accommodate client specific or candidate centric needs, respectively

QCP Sessions are scheduled with Client hiring managers. Our iTAM Facilitator engages each client in structured interactive dialog that electronically captures critical profiling data that increases the likelihood of success in delivering a quality placement for the client. The results of QCPs are stored in an iTAM repository as a three-tiered structure that identifies the Client, Job, and Ideal Candidate definitions for subsequent automated processing within iTAM.

QTP Sessions are likewise scheduled with prospective Candidates. A Facilitator engages the prospective candidate in structured dialog that gathers information critical for successfully delivering a quality placement for the candidate. The results of QTPs are also stored in the iTAM database as multi-tiered structures that define the Candidate Resumes, Motivational Factors, and Behavioral Decision Making Criteria.

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